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Kary Taylor
Jul 22, 2021
In Welcome to the Forum
I happened to meet one of the organization’s directors, Sean Lucas, by walking past his office and noticing him sitting at his desk surrounded by the all-white decor. He stood out like a black “God” sitting in heaven. Since the vision was humorous and at the same time familiar to me, plus thinking I needed to confirm this vision of my future should it ever come to pass, I decidedly walked in to introduce myself. We spoke about how each of our backgrounds had led us to meet in the way we did, and then he told me about his involvement with the BCHPA. I was happily surprised that the group had formed and was up and running. Although I had no prior knowledge about it I immediately wondered how it was that I had just happened to luck up to find out about it through Sean. It made me so happy to know that in the world of social media, the only thing I used was my esthetic eyesight, which I was so pleased worked for me to connect with Sean simply based on our mutual skin tones. Realizing this was not the most efficient way to connect with black folk anymore, I was left with the reassurance that this organization has so much potential to connect black people in ways far beyond my current concept of a black healthcare organization. I’m so thankful to have made that connection with Sean that day. I would like to encourage any and all members’ interests through the BCHPA's website.

Kary Taylor

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